We will be gathering at the foot of Market Street in San Francisco, near Embarcadero Plaza. We will be encouraging people to march and organize not just as individuals – but along themes based on the diversity of our communities, concerns, and issues. Contingents are self-organized and growing in numbers.

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The route will go from the Embarcadero Plaza area, up Market St, to Civic Center. It is largely flat, about 1.7 miles, and should take the average marcher about 1.5 – 2 hours to complete. We will have a support vehicle at the tail of the march if anyone needs a ride or a break.



The march will end at Civic Center Plaza, near San Francisco City Hall. There will be music, and dozens of information tables from the organizations that helped make this march possible. This is a great way to make sure that our impact goes beyond the 1-day march – but that we connect, build, and grow organizations that are doing vital ongoing work.

Resource Fair

Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice goes beyond just a single day – it’s about bringing together the diverse voices, organizations, and groups working to confront the climate crisis and bring about community-led solutions. This work happens day-in and day-out, all around the world – and the march is both an expression of our collective power, and an opportunity to grow this ongoing work.

At Civic Center Plaza we will be hosting a Resource Fair – where partner organizations, campaigns, and projects can showcase the work that they do, educate people about their specific perspectives, and where people can get involved in these efforts for the long haul.

This is not intended for commercial vendors who simply desire a crowd – but for active partners in Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice and related social movement work. If you are interested in hosting a table – we welcome groups who:

Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice will provide standard 6’ folding tables, and based on needs and logistical capacity – shade tents and electrical power. Tables can be reserved on a sliding-scale basis – we are asking groups to contribute $25 – $500 based on their annual budget and financial means. If your organization requires additional financial assistance – just let us know, we want to make sure this fair lifts up the grassroots!