Arts Toolkit

This Arts Kit was put together for people, groups and communities who are organizing for the Sept 8th Rise for Climate global day of action, and for a fossil free world powered by 100% renewable energy for all.

Rise Arts Kit

Spread the Word

Here's everything you need to share a video about Rise CA, including sample share text! Feel free to write your own!

Social Media

Rise Posters

There are a handful of locations that will have posters and cards for you to pick up and distribute. Or you can download and print them yourself!

Download Posters

School Resource Guide

Get your students, teachers & school involved in the Rise for Climate Global Day of Action!

School & Teacher Resource Guide

Download & Customize

8.5x11 “I Will RISE For ______” posters are ready to print! Write in what you will be Rising for on September 8th. Post your pictures afterward on social media and be sure to tag #RiseForClimate!

More Art Resources

We've got events you can join to help create big banners, art to download, music, poetry and more!

Rise Arts + Music

Outreach and Canvassing Guide

Learn More about How You Can Go out Into your neighborhoods & spread the word about Rise

Canvassing Guide

Door Knocking Guide

Join an Organizing Group

Join a group that’s organizing around an issue that you care about or in an area you have experience or interest. Get in touch with the organizing group leader to get plugged in.

This group is working on everything from where we put the porta potties to what route the march will take. Join this group if you’d like to help make the nuts and bolts of this march work.

Email Logistics Team

This group is going to coordinate the banners, posters, and all the visual pieces that bring the march to life, in addition to building the largest street mural of all time.

Email Arts Team

This group is connecting with elders, seniors, and the more experienced. Join here if you want to bring elders into the march!

Email Elders Team

This group is planning, executing, and driving emails, facebook shares, tweets, and all the other digital pieces to move people to the streets. If your organization has strong capacity to do digital work, join this group!

Email Digital & Communications Team

To make this the largest climate mobilization on the west coast, we need people from all over the state! Join here if you’d like to help bring people from all over the state to the march!

Email Statewide Engagement Team

This group is working on mapping all of the ways the fossil fuel industry is impacting peoples lives in the bay area, to be represented at the march.

Email Frontline/Indigenous Mapping Project

This group is hitting the street day to day to talk to folks at their homes, at farmers markets, on every street corner, and bring them into the largest march for climate jobs and justice on the west coast.

Email Outreach/Street Team

This group is bringing working people, organized labor, and the people who are going to build a just equitable transition of our economy into the march. Join here if you can help us bring unions into the march!

Email Labor Team

This group is bringing the keepers of the future into the march- going to classrooms, reaching out to youth organizations. Join here if you want to bring the youth voice to the march!

Email Youth Team

This group is working with every faith community, lifting the voices of congregations, churches, synogogues, mosques, temples, and more. Join here if you want to bring your faith community to the march –

Email Faith Team

This group is making the connection between health and climate justice. Join here if you are interested in bringing people demanding health justice as part of our solutions to the march!

Email Health Team

This groups’ goal is to make sure we are standing up for climate jobs and justice in every language. If you are interested in helping with translation, interpretation, or other aspects that can make our efforts ringing from every voice, join here!

Email Language Liberation Team

This group is working to mobilize women from all around California and the world to demand climate jobs and justice. Join here if you want to help centralize womens voices during the march!

Email Women Team

This group is recruiting mothers & families to march and working to create a safe, family-friendly environment including engaging activities for kids. We need face-painters, music-makers, mural-painters and art-project /street-theater leaders. Join here if you want to help us get families to the march and make this a fantastic experience for them!

Email Families Team

Follow these steps:

  1. Fill out this form to get it listed on the website.
  2. Call for a first meeting and list the time and location on
  3. Build a Google Group for your Organizing Group.
  4. Join the Rise 2018 Slack Group and create a channel.
  5. Start organizing and getting everyone in your Organizing Group to RSVP for the march!

Resource Fair

Rise for Climate, Jobs, and Justice goes beyond just a single day – it’s about bringing together the diverse voices, organizations, and groups working to confront the climate crisis and bring about community-led solutions. This work happens day-in and day-out, all around the world – and the march is both an expression of our collective power, and an opportunity to grow this ongoing work.

At Civic Center Plaza we will be hosting a Resource Fair – where partner organizations, campaigns, and projects can showcase the work that they do, educate people about their specific perspectives, and where people can get involved in these efforts for the long haul.

This is not intended for commercial vendors who simply desire a crowd – but for active partners in Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice and related social movement work. If you are interested in hosting a table – we welcome groups who:

Rise for Climate, Jobs, & Justice will provide standard 6’ folding tables, and based on needs and logistical capacity – shade tents and electrical power. Tables can be reserved on a sliding-scale basis – we are asking groups to contribute $25 – $500 based on their annual budget and financial means. If your organization requires additional financial assistance – just let us know, we want to make sure this fair lifts up the grassroots!